Monday, November 29, 2010

My Life in Crochet VI: Wedding Afghan

So, here I was with 200 or so hexes, some of them already joined in various ways and various confusing patterns.  I had tried to organize them in various ways (alternating light and dark, say -- which doesn't work with hexes) but had trouble keeping the big picture in mind.  As a result I had a number of misshapen clumps, without pattern or order of any sort I could see.  So, I stuff the whole in a bag and went back to making more hexes.

And then my daughter announced that she was getting married.  So I had a deadline for finishing the afghan. Under that kind of pressure (he kind that grows minute by minute) I found a stitch that tied hexes together and a way of looking at the overall pattern the I could make sense of -- and that, happily, I could bring most of the pieces already made up into. As I knew, stitching hexes together is tedious work that requires actually looking at what you are doing, but somehow, I managed to get the who;e thing done almost a full day before we had to leave for Portland.  The results were very satisfying and, I think, well received.

Wedding Afghan

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