Friday, November 26, 2010

My Life in Crochet II: Revenge!

I learned to crochet to get back at my students in an Oriental Philosophy class in a small college (now a world-wide university).  Instead of taking notes on my deathless lectures, they sat there (well, a couple of them) crocheting granny squares (this was at the turning from the 60s to the 70s).  So I asked wife1 to teach me to crochet, so I could do it back at them.  She did and I did, and then spent a couple hours getting tips and demonstrations of further techniques (granny squares, in case they haven't come back and you have forgotten, involve only chain and double crochet).  I thereafter made my share of doilies of increasing complexity and fillet bookmarks with initials.

I went on in this desultory way until my neighbor divorced her husband, took her daughter and went to school -- again; she already had a PhD.  To keep in touch, I made some frilly things for the daughter and eventually blew up a doily to a pancho for her (had to learn to crochet button holes as well as how to attach the button).  And then, with my marriage, that all petered out, though I would occasionally go back for something soothing to do.

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