Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Christmas presents.

A sister-in-law (I have three this time) gave me four skeins of a really nice yarn, a pleasant change from the leftovers I have been working with,  The wrappers on the skeins had instructions for an afghan, so I thought "Why not?". Well, one reason not was that it involved counting, something I don't do well (see scarves), but since it was all in a circles, a minor miscount would not be a disaster, I thought.  The scheme was to put two dcs in each of the loops in the initial chain, then alternate one and two for the next row, then two ones and a two, and so on.  I didn't get enough yarn to finish all forty rows (thirty nine ones and a two around the last row),  But  even with what I have, it is clear that that the formula for making a round object (who ever heard of a round afghan in the first place?) was not quite right.  There soon were bunches rising up all around the circle.

 When it is folded in half, the ends go half way up the other half circle. 

I don't know how to deal with this.  I've tried alternating expanding rows with rows of dc all around, but this seems to have the opposite effect of making the circle start to turn in on itself, like I was making a hat (where I have had this excess material problem before, but where it doesn't generally matter once the thing is on a head),  Help!