Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three hats

Doing hexes, even automatically, gets boring, even while watching tv, so I went back to making hats (even went out and bought some yarn this time).  The results were a study in gauge and hook size, things that I have admittedly ignored in the past.  All three hats were made from the same instructions (left over from last hears church project) but using different size needles and (consequently?) different gauges (though I did not actually measure them). All were made with the same yarn (well, different colors): Red Heart Classic medium (4) worsted acrylic.  The hooks were E, G, and K.  The results were way too small, slightly small and way way too large, judging by fairly typical heads (mine and wife 3's).  So I guess I'll have to start attending to that gauge thing.
way large

like I said


way small