Monday, November 29, 2010

My Life in Crochet V: Interlude with Hats

Along about this time last year my church (broader than my parish but still local) decided to give warm things to the clients of its food bank: hats, scarves and such.  So I looked up the church-approved hat sites and worked my way through several hats (they go fast).  I had some yarn left over when the hats were collected, so I made similar hats for my daughter (30 something now and living in Portland OR), her POSLQ and wife3.

Wife3 had some fancy ribbon and asked me to make a hat from it, so I did. And then I stopped the hat making.

Until a week or so ago, when I was bored with hexes and had a nice bit of yarn, so started to make a hat again. Just coming round the curve of the head, I ran out of yarn.  I was too lazy (or it was too cold or...) to go get some more, but wife three found a number of short pieces (maybe two foot each) of yarn left over from a crewel project a long while ago.  So I went on, splicing every few inches with a new strand. each a different color.  Of course, this left me with a lot of loose ends and I am not a great one for tucking those in (the undersides of my hexes are generally a mess). So I pulled them all to the outside and fluffed them up a bit to give (vaguely) feathery effect to the whole.  When wife3 said the hat would need a cuff, a fold-up section, I pulled the bottom rows of loose ends through to the back side and thus to the outside of the folded hat.  Very nice.

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