Friday, November 26, 2010

My Life in Crochet III: Tops for Tots.

The experience making things for the neighbor's daughter came in handy when wife2 and I had a daughter.  As a moment at a yarn store book rack will tell you, along with doilies and afghans, clothing for kids in the cute years are best sellers.  So, I made hats and scarfs (including a Dr. Who version which would now serve for Harry Potter) and sweaters and at least tried at socks and gloves. 

But the cute passed, as did wife2, and goths do not wear crochet -- or, at least, I never figured out a way to make black items with pale white skulls all over them (and yet recently I saw a marvelous piece of  3-D crochet the Day of the Dead, with very good skulls around the edge).  And so I set aside my crochet for the most part -- a little now and then to impress the girls (worked this time!): doilies and fillet bookmarks again, but you can only do so many of them if they are all meant for one house.

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