Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scarves again

Thanks to the Crochet Geek on G+, I have gotten more into scarves. Here are three more or less from her.
The first one came as just a diagram that I had trouble converting ton work. She kindly redid the diagram -- twice! -- and I finally got the rhythm of it. Of course, with my sense of rhythm, there are a few flaws.somehow I added a twist so that the infinity scarf became a Möbius one as well. And somewhere I missed the step up to the next row and so turned the whole into a spiral. Still it is rather pretty and my wife likes it.

I had no trouble with this one, which ended up looking like the picture.

This one is my memory of a pattern which disappeared into the depths of G+, never to return. I don't think it is what the original intended, but I like it and am working on another version already.