Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A better chain?

This is from some ancient craft magazine (Piecework in the early 2000s, even late 1990s?). The result is a band that does not roll and has even loops available for the next row, unlike regular base chains. It also gives a smoother, more finished edge.

Start with the usual slip knot, then chain one (the first A loop).  Insert the hook into the slip knot loop again and draw up a second loop (first B) onto the hook.  *Draw a loop through both loops on the hook, forming a new A.  Then insert hook through old B and draw up a new B on the hook*  Repeat between * to the desired length.  For a flat piece, draw the A and then chain as needed for the first row.  For a closed  circle, slip stitch A to the edging and then top loop to top loop, the  proceed as required.  

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