Tuesday, August 27, 2013

mi prami la Crochet Geek
My favorite thing on G+ is Crochet Geek, who has a new pattern almost every morning.  Some don't interest me (I know no babies for booties, e.g.) but many are cute or clever or teach great techniques.  Or give me starts for "improvements".  Here are a few I've enjoyed and either improved or screwed up interestingly.

This was a shot at a waffle weave, but I misread the crucial line and so didn't get the strong differentiation of the original.  Better reading next time, but this isn't bad looking.

A couple of changes here: magic ring rather than ordinary ring (I wish I could remember who taught me that trick) and a sharper point .

By-the-book butterfly.

By-the-book flower, but I would like the lower petals (or whatever they are) to alternate with the upper ones rather than underlie them.  I tried that by screwed up elsewhere but finally got it right

Another trick from CG is the difference between working with whole loops or only the front loop or only the back.  When you alternate blocks of FLO with blocks of BLO you get a nice rib effect:

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